Window Replacement Tacoma


We have years of experience in window replacement and installation of a wide range of brands and styles.

Our well-trained technicians specialize in commercial and home window repair, and window replacement in Tacoma when repair services are not an option.

Window replacement is a cost-efficient option for home or business owners for improving energy efficiency as well as contributing to aesthetics and increased property value.Our technicians are experienced in most all window replacement installations:

  • Casement
  • Insulated styles
  • Bay windows
  • Skylights
  • Expansive picture windows
  • Egress windows

If you see moisture on your panes, or have windows that are difficult to open or close, call us to examine whether a window repair is the best option, or to assess the structural efficiency to determine if you may require a new window replacement.

Call Apcon Construction, LLC for timely window repair or replacement services.

Broken Window Tacoma


One question frequently asked of us is, “Do we replace an entire broken window or just the broken glass?”.

If you are facing a disabled or broken window , call us to schedule a visit to assess the nature of your problem and to recommend solutions.

Before making a recommendation for your broken window, we need to determine the type of window; i.e., single, double or triple pane, its warranty, whether or not the original energy efficiency can be replicated, and other important considerations.

These are a few benefits associated with replacing a broken window:

  • Restored energy efficiency
  • Elimination of mold and mildew development
  • Replacement of damaged or rotted frames increases energy efficiency
  • Broken window muntins allow easy entry and become a security threat

Call us for an assessment to determine if your window is structurally sound, and whether the broken glass can be replaced and the pane re-sealed.

Window Repair Tacoma


We offer window repair services in Tacoma for all types of residential and commercial glass doors and windows.

Our technicians take great pride in providing glass window repair that can represent a cost savings to our clients.

If all of the requirements are met, we can complete your project:

  • With the use of high-quality materials
  • Replace window grids and argon gas as needed
  • Repair a broken locking mechanism if required
  • Defog if the seal has failed

We are happy to conduct repair services at a time that is most convenient for our clients. If you require emergency services, call us for a quick assessment to avoid additional damage and possible entry into your home or business.

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