Toilet Repair Tacoma


Breakdowns in toilets are not only common, but they are a significant inconvenience, especially for busy families.

If you are experiencing blockages or overflows, and plunging has not resolved your problem, call us for toilet repair in Tacoma.

We offer toilet repair services that cover a broad range of issues, including problems with toilets involving plumbing installation and maintenance.

Our team provides quick emergency response for toilet repairs to solve problems such as:

  • Blockages and clogging
  • A faulty water system
  • Broken toilet flange
  • Repairleaking toilets
  • Damaged toilet tank
  • Partial flushes
  • Continuous running

Call Apcon Construction, LLC for residential and commercial services. Our plumbing team is consistently updated with latest plumbing technologies and toilet repair services.

Toilets Tacoma


Whether you are in the midst of a bathroom remodel, or considering replacement of bathroom toilets in Tacoma, we provide full-service installations and replacement.

Our professional team can also assist you in selecting from the best performing toilets for your application.

If you are having problems with your existing system, our technicians will assess the condition to determine if toilet repair is a good solution for you. We carry a line of universal, as well as specific parts to fix toilets of most professional performance and designer styles.

While we are strong proponents of fixing broken toilets, it may be time to invest in a new installation when:

  • The tank or base has developed a crack
  • Continuous problems with clogging
  • Your unit is constantly running
  • You see repeated evidence of leakage
  • You are updating your bathroom
  • Consuming less water will provide greater efficiency

Both repairs and new installations require the expertise of a well-trained professional to avoid the risk of potentially significant damage as a result of improper workmanship. Call today for a free estimate!

Fix Toilet Tacoma


There are any number of common reasons to call a plumber to fix a toilet in Tacoma.

Whether you are dealing with water overflow as a result of a stubborn blockage or clog, or costly water bills from constant water running from the tank into the bowl, we are equipped to fix your toilet and keep it functionally operational.

These are a few reasons to call on our skilled plumbing professionals to fix your toilet:

  • Generally, same day service and repair
  • Licensed, bonded and insured plumbing technicians
  • Use of latest technology for assessment and detection
  • Trustworthy reputation
  • Cost-effective and affordable pricing
  • Years of experience

Call Apcon Construction, LLC for a qualified professional that can be trusted to uncover the root cause of your problem. 253-891-9622