Sink Repair Sumner


Bathroom and kitchen fixtures like sinks can require a substantial amount of investment. The best possible way to select these kitchen fixtures is with the help of our sink repair team available near the Sumner, WA area. We at Apcon Construction can help you with different services, including replacing your broken sink or fixing the existing one.

With the help of our sink repair team, you will be able to make your sinks functional again in a fraction of the price of a new fixture. So, the next time you have a broken sink get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.

You can hire our sink repair services available near Sumner if you are facing problems like:

  • Leaks
  • Clogging
  • Cracks or low water pressure

Sinks Sumner


Even though our team can help you with your broken sink, there might be times when getting it replaced altogether is the ideal solution. For this too you can get in touch with our sink repair team who will help you choose the most suitable fixture for your property. All the sinks sourced by us are of good quality and will last you a long time.

Our sink repair team can work on different types of sinks, including shallow basin and self-rimming ones. Some of the common problems that we can help you fix in your broken sink are leaks, cracks, and clogs. So, if you come across a broken sink in your property, give us a call right away.

You can find different types of sinks with us around Sumner. Here are a few examples:

  • Wall-mounted sinks
  • Farmhouse style
  • Island sinks

Broken Sink Sumner


A broken sink can reduce the value of your property. Moreover, it can even make the bathroom or kitchen unusable to an extent. That is why getting quick sink repair done is highly recommended. Another reason why sinks should be repaired right away is that they can lead to wasting a lot of water.

These sinks can also damage the floor beneath due to constant water dripping. That is why you should give our sink repair team a call when you see a problem with your fixtures. We offer you a free service estimate before starting on your job.

If you do not get a broken sink replaced in your Sumner property, then it can create problems like:

  • Wasting water
  • An unusable bathroom
  • Damage to the floor

To hire our sink repair team near the Sumner area, call Apcon Construction at (253) 891-9622 anytime.