Sink Repair Spanaway


Sinks in homes are prone to getting dirty and damaged. We use them whenever we are in the kitchen or the bathroom. You need to call in the experts if you have a broken sink as this can lead to more troubles. Rely on Apcon Construction, LLC for efficient sink repair services in the Spanaway, WA area.

Being expert plumbers, we know how to fix a leaky sink. You can call us for sink repair services for the following types of sinks:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless steel
  • Stone

It is not that we provide sink repair services about its body but can handle all parts of the sinks like the drains, faucets, and stoppers. Trust our trained and experienced plumbers for efficiently managing repairs of drains, faucets, and stoppers in your sinks.

Sinks Spanaway


Whether it is your bathroom sinks or kitchen sinks, they are equally prone to daily wear and tear. You can upgrade the dull and damaged sinks with newer and better models, giving your kitchen and bathroom a modern appearance.

Rely on us for all services for sinks in the Spanaway area. Take our help for the following:

  • Sink repair
  • Broken sink replacement
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance

Most homeowners are tempted to clean clogged sinks DIY. Using the chemical-based cleaners would surely clean the sinks but in the process would damage the inner lining resulting in sink repair services.

Broken Sink Spanaway


A broken sink not only looks terrible but is challenging to maintain and keep clean. Cleaning a broken sink becomes irksome and time-consuming. Have the broken sink removed and replaced by the professionals.

There is no point getting the broken sink repaired as the caulking and joints would show. Instead, you can purchase a newer model and design of a sink. Count on us for replacing the broken sink in your Spanaway area home or business. Replacing the broken sink would give you the following benefits:

  • Neater look
  • Better operations
  • Clog free bathroom and kitchen

Our hassle-free services and competitive pricing has made us the favorites of all homeowners. We not onlu repair sinks, but additional plumbing fixtures like tubs, faucets, and pipes as well. Simply give us a call and let us know the problem with your sinks, and we will send our trained technicians to help.

Feel free to call Apcon Construction, LLC at (253) 891-9622 for any services related to sinks in the Spanaway area.