APCON Difference

We like construction and get better it every day. Buildings and houses are make up of many different components with each component consisting of many other items. You can take a look at the caulking section at your local hardware store or the big box store. Do you know that each one of those many tubes has a special use? And that is just caulking. How about different types of woods and plywood? You get the point. This is exactly why you see specialization in the construction industry. Limited specialization is necessary when the project is large. What if your construction repair or construction remodel is smaller? Hiring different trades can become a hassle then. We believe that one company handling all phases of construction is more efficient on smaller project and that is has been our mission. We know it is not easy since it requires us to be knowledgeable about all phases of construction. This the space we occupy and this is APCON.

What do we consider a large project? We consider developing land and building new structure on it large enough where utilizing specialized trades makes sense.

What do we consider a small project? Any and all work to remodel or modify and existing building.