Deck Repair Tacoma


We have a strong reputation in the area for our top-notch deck repair skills and experience in deck code violation repair.

As a leading deck repair company serving Tacoma, we have master craftsmen that are highly skilled in wood structure and composite/synthetic deck repair including services such as but not limited to:

  • Water damage
  • Replacement of rotted wood with treated lumber
  • Reinforcement of guardrail structures
  • Worn deck boards replacement
  • Broken railing repair
  • Handrails and steps repair
  • Assessment of structural weakness and follow-on repair
  • Replacement of damaged composite deck boards and joists

As experts in the state, local and internationaldeck code requirements, our skilled craftsmen carefully follow the construction standards to ensure our deck repairs and deck code violation repairs meet all building requirements and codes.

Call Apcon Construction, LLC for full-service deck repairs for hardwood, cedar, and composite decks. We can also provide quick turn-around free estimates!

Deck Code Tacoma


When you learn that your deck is not built in compliance with standard deck code for Tacoma and the surrounding area, call us! We can help!

One of the deck codes strictly enforced by the State of Washington in an effort to ensure safety from unnecessary injuries relates to deck railings.

These are a few common issues that we address for homeowners to ensure deck code compliance:

  • Guardrail installations for deck elevations 30-inches above ground level
  • Ability of guardrails to support 200 pounds of lateral pressure
  • Protection of structural elements against decay
  • Adequate structural beams and girders
  • Sufficient anchoring to provide required uplift resistance
  • Handrails for stair runs

Call us to schedule an assessment to determine what will be required to bring your deck into full compliance of the deck code in your area.

Tacoma Deck Code Violation Repair


Building inspectors commonly find decks that are not built to code because of changes made during construction that differed from the plan design detailed on the permit, or code changes that were unknown to the contractor, resulting in a violation.

Deck code violation repair in Tacoma is one of our specialized services to bring decks into compliance with codes.

These are a few of common reasons that decks fail inspection and require subsequent deck code violation repair:

  • Lack of protection of structural elements against decay
  • Use of non-weather resistant fasteners or use of too few fasteners
  • Inadequate structural beams and girders or non-approved structure
  • Insufficient anchoring and support of attached or freestanding decks
  • Non-compliant or absence of guardrails and handrails

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