Caulking Puyallup


An experienced and aware property owner knows how important it is to caulk crevices or cracks in and around the building. Proper caulk application prevents hazardous water infiltration and pest invasion, thereby saving the property owner a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

At Apcon Construction, LLC, we advise people to inspect their property periodically to assess its sealing requirements and call us for caulk application before any harm is done. The additional benefits of maintenance of caulking in any Puyallup, WA area property include:

  • Preventing air leaks
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Boosting resale value

Our company is the choice for commercial and residential caulking jobs in the Puyallup area. We offer comprehensive services and are available to meet diverse needs for exterior and interior caulk. You can call our technicians for foundation, floor, door and window caulking, shower and bathtub caulking, fixture and countertops sealing, caulking walkways and landscape edgings, and much more.

Caulk Puyallup


A caulk application is not a do-it-yourself job. There several risks when you decide to apply caulk in your Puyallup area home or commercial building on your own and avoid the expense of professional services. These include:

  • Choosing a toxic caulk product
  • Picking a wrong/unsuitable caulk material
  • Inadequate or lack of preparation
  • Improper application

Bring in our trained technicians for caulk application in your property if you do not want the crevices or joints in it to fail to seal correctly or fail prematurely.

Do not let an ill-advised attempt at saving a few dollars burden you with much bigger expenses down the road. Call us today to discuss your caulk project and get a free estimate on its cost.

Window Caulking Puyallup


Not all property owners realize how effective window caulking is for improving interior comfort while reducing the energy bills. Caulk application even has health benefits because it stops dust and other allergens from entering inside the building.

Make sure that you do not consider window caulking in your Puyallup area property as minor or not-so-important work and have it done by proven pros like us.

With us, you are assured of seamless window caulking services at a competitive price. Our technicians:

  • Work with the best window caulking product
  • Use correct caulking tools
  • Are attentive to details

Rely on Apcon Construction, LLC, for all your needs for window caulking and other residential or commercial caulk projects in and around Puyallup. Reach us at (253) 891-9622.